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black tape for a blue girl

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21st September 2004

in_most_night2:32am: I finally got to hear Halostar. I have been less then happy with the last couple of albums, hence my relutance to get this release. I must say that this is the most disappointing Black Tape release to date. The songs seem to have no real feeling behind them. He also seems to be striving for a hit album in some way, with the uncharacteristic cover art and even the sound of the music. I hate to say it but maybe Sam's Losing the touch.
Current Mood: disappointed

9th May 2005

_wingsofsteel_3:35pm: Hello all! Yay i did make a btfbg community just last week but i'm glad to find there is already a community :D

15th August 2004

altogirl3:57pm: hey...figure i'd start a community for black tape for a blue girl. they're an awesome darkwave band. Feel free to join and discuss.
Current Mood: amused
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